What can be treated?


Acupuncture Relives Pain with Lasting Results – joint & muscle pain, neck, shoulder & lower back pain, knee pain, runner’s knee repetitive strain, injury & carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle sprain & strain, bursitis, tendinitis & arthritis

Effective for Women’s Health Conditions –  infertility, PMS,irregular periods & cramps, endometriosis, hot flashes, menopause and hormonal imbalances, Pregnancy

Reduces Stress –  relieve anxiety & nervous tension, insomnia, hypertension (high blood pressure), stiff neck and shoulders

Clears Skin Problems – eczema & psoriasis, hives, shingles, and acne

Enhances the Immune System – strengthen the immune system; promote good health and a sense of well-being, cold, flu, bronchitis, asthma and sinusitis, faster recovery from illness

Alleviates Tiredness & Fatigue – boosts energy level, alleviates unusual fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome

Alleviates Allergies & Headaches –  hay fever, tension, sinus & migraine headaches, dizziness

Resolves Digestive Problems – irritable bowel syndrome, constipation & diarrhea, acid reflux & indigestion, Crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitis

Helps with Weight Management – weight loss, balance to maintain normal weight

Effective for Cancer Treatment Support – side effects – nausea & tiredness, helps boosts the immune system

Effective for Autoimmune disorders – multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus; fibromyalgia, Graves disease & thyroid disorders



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