Dr John Chen


Dr John Chen is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner in the Divisions of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine (CMBA). He is a member of Australia Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). And Dr John comes from a Traditional Chinese Medicine family and has over 20 years experience in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Remedial Massage.

-Neck/Should/Back/Head Pain
-Fertility / IVF Support
-Mental Emotional Disorders
-Cancer support treatment


“In ancient China, a measure of your body’s general constitution was gained through tongue and pulse diagnosis. Some 2500 years later, we are still using this method with great reliability. You may feel out of whack or not quite right but Chinese Medicine might identify this as qi dysfunction or yin yang imbalance. By using acupuncture, your body will be brought into harmony leaving you feeling a sense of clarity and well being. This naturally has great influence over the physical being also. It is a highly effective method of treating all manner of diseases from acute (coughs, colds, ear infections) to chronic conditions (arthritis, skin conditions, hormonal dysfunction and bowel problems) to name only a very few. Please call me to discuss your condition and how my treatment may help.”

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